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    Energy Saving System

    Working principle of power-saving anti-fog mirror system:
    The electric heating film installed on the back of the lens is controlled by the water flow. When the bathtub faucet or shower faucet is turned on to use hot water, the mirror surface will be fogged and the electric heating film will work. If the hot water heating film is not used, this control method will not work. Switch control saves 95% of electrical energy.

    Product Details

    The instruction of Bagen Electricity Energy Saving Defogger System:save energy 90%↑

    1.The component

        The power saving anti fogging mirror system consists of three parts: water switch, controller and defogger


    water switch

    Model Number:DN 20 / DN 25 / DN 32



    Start Flow Rate:≥1.5 L/min

    Working Life:≥10,000,000 times

    Operation Temperature:0-125℃


    Input:90-240V AC

    Maxmum Current:10A

    Max Output Voltage:90-240V AC

    Max Output Current:10A

    Switch Voltage:12V DC

    Max Switch Current:250mA


    Material :PET

    Input:90-240 V AC

      Power:160-250 W/m²





    2.Working Principle

    When the hot water supply switch is switched on, the hot water flowing through water switch which is installed on hot water pipe generates the signal, transmit signal to controller directly to activate the mirror defogger circuit,the mirror defogger starts working to heat up mirror surface, the result will be a fog free mirror. When the hot water supply switch is switched off, the hot water in water switch stops flowing, switch signal is disconnected accordingly, mirror defogger circuit is disconnected under control of controller,mirror defogger stops working.

    3.Advantages of this system

    Auto-Contol Circuit: Mirror defogger switch is auto triggered on by the hot running water, and deactivated once the hot water switch is off.Do not perform any adjustment to make use convenient.

    Remarkable Energy Saving Effect: Electricity energy waste is avoided by automatic control. 90% energy is saved in public such as hotel rest room.etc to create good economic benefit and social effect.

    Easy Installation: The water switch with screw thread connection is easy to be installed.

    Durable & Reusable: Water switch is made of high-class copper, which is durable and can be re-used in the next innovation to save building cost.


    4.Economic Benefits Analysis

        Use Bagen Energy Saving Defogger System to save electricity 4,601,700 KWhs and electricity charge of CNY4.601,700 in 8 years. This analysis based on fictional case: guests stay in hotel room from 6:00pm to 6:00am next morning. If the defogger and vanity mirror light share a switch, the defogger results in constant working of defogger as vanity mirror light turns on, so we assume its working time is 12 hours. After using electricity energy saving defogger system, the fogless mirror works only 0.5 hours if the guest takes shower by hot water for 0.5 hours. Therefore, 11.5 hours is saved.



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