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LED Light Mirror BGL-006

Model No.: BGL-006(F)
Dimension: Customized by client's requirements
Min. Size: 50×70cm
Max. Size: 240×130cm
Overall Thickness: 4.3cm(frameless)
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Order Hotline:0086-21-50907817


    Dimension:Customized by client's requirements (cm)
    Min. Size:Dia.50cm       Max. Size:Dia.130cm 
    Overall Thickness:4.3cm(frameless) 
    1.5mm Good Quality Copper Free Silver Mirror 
    2.BAGEN Mirror Defogger 
    3.Good Quality LED strips&LED Power 
    4.Aluminium Light Box & Brackets 
    5.Mirror can be removed from light box.Hang on/off structure 
    6.All electric components are 3C,VDE,CE,etc certified. 
    7.Please contact BAGEN for more information.

1.BAGEN Backlit Mirror Structure:

  • The mirrors can be removed from the light box for all BAGEN LED Mirrors. The mirror with defogger&brackets and the light box with LED strips&LED power and are separate. It is convenient to assemble together and disassemble separately.
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  • 2.Material of BAGEN Backlit mirror:
  • 2.1Mirror: 5mm high quality copper free environmentally friendly mirror, copper free mirror has better corrosion resistance than normal silver mirror, so it can be used for longer.
  • 2.2 Light box: special aluminum profile with unified size, beautiful appearance and anticorrosive advantages.
  • 2.3 Light: 50,000 hours high quality water-proof LED light strip, with 90+CRI, 3000lumens/meter, CE,UL approved.High quality IP67 rated LED driver for LED light.Input for LED driver is 90-264VAC, output is 12VDC.
  • 2.4 Mirror surface decoration material: BAGEN can use 304 stainless steel, water proof treated wooden frame etc. for LED mirror according to client's requirement.
  • 2.5 Mirror defogger: CE, UL, PSE, SAA, IP54, RoHs approved BAGEN mirror defogger
  • 2.6 Hook: high quality aluminum hooks whose surface has gone oxidation treatment and will never corrode in bathroom, the hooks are stuck on mirror paint surface by good high-quality neutral structure adhesive, it will not damage mirror and will never fall from mirror.
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  • 3. Advantages of BAGEN LED mirror:
  • Sturdy, durable design.
  • Aluminum materials prevent moisture and corrosion.
  • Demountable structure for convenient installation and maintenance.
  • Beautiful appearance,Professional customized design for 5-star hotels
  • Installation of BAGEN Backlit mirror
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  • Maintenance of BAGEN Backlit mirror:
  • 1. Remove mirror from light box;
  • 2. Disconnect defogger cable and put mirror at a safe place;
  • 3. Replace the LED light or LED driver in light box, and then turn on LED light;
  • 4. Connect defogger and LED driver;
  • 5. Hang mirror on light box.

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