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How to choose a good bathroom mirror?

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The mirror is a smooth, light reflective item. The most common mirror is flat mirror which is often used by people to tidy up their appearance. In science, mirror is also often used in telescope, laser, industrial equipment etc.A surface-polished metal device with regular reflective performance, and glass or metal ware with metallized reflecting film, are often decorated with metal, plastic or wooden frame.

There are plane mirrors and curved mirrors; curved mirrors have concave mirror and convex mirror which are mainly used for makeup mirror, furniture accessories, architectural decorating parts, optical instrument parts and solar cookers, reflector of car lights and searchlight, reflecting telescopes, car rearview mirror and so on.

BAGEN bathroom mirror, as the name indicates, is the mirror placed in bathroom for dressing.Bath mirror is necessary for bathroom, clear and bright bath mirror will bring people a good mood when dressing.Although the appearance of bath mirror and ordinary mirror is almost the same, actually there are many differences.

BAGEN bathroom mirrors are of simple style, reflecting the contemporary fashion culture; at the same time BAGEN refers to the essence of Chinese culture to select materials and tailor the products for users, making users enjoy the best product and service at the best price.

BAGEN bathroom mirrors have environmental protection, water resistance, flame retardant performance stability (from climate change and change), strong adhesion coating (do not fade, do not blister) features and so on.

BAGEN mirrors are produced strictly according to international electroplating process standards, the mirrors are strong in texture, shiny bright, difficult to wear, rust, blister, or flake.The combination of reasonable material selection and good craftsmanship makes a simple and stylish appearance.

In the bathroom, there is always fog on mirror after shower which makes mirror not clear, therefore, high-quality bathroom mirror usually have anti-fog and water-proof functions, and of strong fibre-optical refractivity.So you must be careful when selecting bathroom mirror for your home or hotel, having a best quality bathroom mirror in bathroom will bring you a pleasant dressing mood every morning.

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