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How to eliminate fog for bathroom mirror

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Now people have higher and higher requirement for bathroom, take bathroom mirror for example, it must be fog free, because the bathroom is a place with water vapor which is makes mirror misty and it is not convenient for people, so a fog free mirror is necessary for bathroom.

 Then how to make bathroom mirror fog free? Some people says: use a dry soap to wipe the mirror, and wipe the soap trace by a dry tissue, this can make mirror fog free; some people say to spray a defogging spray on mirror surface first, then wipe the mirror by a towel, the spray will leave a oil slick on mirror which can stop mirror getting fog.

This ways are useful but they cannot last for long, also they will cause damage to mirror and shorten mirror lifetime, and they are troublesome.

BAGEN fog free bathroom mirror, with fog free function, and water-proof, we can provide custom made bathroom mirrors to help people enjoy a convenient and comfortable life.



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