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Design and installation of hotel bathroom mirror

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Many people install bathroom mirror on the cabinet door, and they can hide many shelves behind the mirror, the shelves can be used to place daily use bathroom supplies, such as skin care products, hygiene products and so on, this can greatly enhance bathroom storage space.

Because most bathrooms are not big, it will look messy if daily necessities are placed outside, this mirror installation way can effectively help tidying bathroom space, makes bathroom look clean and tidy.

Bathroom mirror can also be used as a shower room cut off screen, a shutter look folding mirror can burnish the bathroom a lot.

In fact, interesting ideas always come from details of life bit by bit. You can consider matching the gray walls with black furniture, and white sanitary ware to light the space, plus the magic of the mirror, to create a dark tone bathroom with unique charm.

Although there are many ways to install bathroom mirror, we have to pay attention not to move or unload the mirror, especially don’t hit the mirror to avoid mirror breaking.

Floor type bathroom mirror can be moved, but the movement shall be handled by more than one people, and the placement angle should be same as the angle before moving, do not let the children alone walk close to floor type mirror or push/pull the mirror.

So a good installation scheme is important before installation to avoid future changes that may break bathroom environment.

Holes are needed before installing bathroom mirror, check if there is ceramic tile on the wall, if there is, don’t use electric drill to make holes as it will cause ceramic tiles broken, a drill bit is needed to make holes in this case.

You need to insert the expansion bolts into the holes and fix them, and then install the bathroom mirror by screws. Some people also use glass mirror to fix bathroom mirror firmly, this can effectively avoid the rust caused by screws and other problems that may cause bathroom mirror falling.


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